It's My Birthday!

There's a lot of different ways to go at this birthday thing.

Some people like to celebrate surrounded by the people they love.

Some people use their birthday as an excuse to promote a cause, asking others to give generously to a charity in their honor.

Some people start a website named after themselves.

Like me, for example.

Back when I was just a wee one with a tuft of brown hair atop my pale head, I never would have guess that I'd be curating my very own site on this world wide web. I was much too busy doing more important things, like playing with American Girl dolls and posing for candids:

This girl was born to model. 

This girl was born to model. 

But I hold firmly to the belief that the best things in life take you by surprise. And that's why I'm here, on my 25th birthday, christening and inviting you to join me on this crazy journey.

I can't promise much about what you'll find here, but I have a few ideas. Things like:

-lessons I'm learning as a newlywed (in a nutshell: it's hard. and amazing.)

-new music recommendations and original song recordings

-musings on the faith-filled life, and resources that are helping me along the way

-style posts and hair tutorials (HA! Gotcha with that last one, didn't I? But you never know...)

Whatever the content may be, I can promise this: for better or for worse, it will be coming straight from my heart.

Oh, and one more promise: there will candids. 


with much love,

lacy blaine