In the Presence of My Enemies


You raise an eyebrow

at the sight of my silhouette entering the room

but I will not turn back.

A dark shadow covers your face, a phantom,

but I am not afraid.

You whisper to No One in particular

"Do you know what she did? What she's capable of doing?"

as if the re-telling could re-bind my chains

but the Truth is this feast, this banquet of love

and I will eat.

I will not reject the beauty before me

because you chose an empty, bitter portion.

I will come as I am

shaking and unsteady

heart racing and pulse quickening,

I will come.

A table has been prepared

with fresh flowers and flickering candles

with wine and warm bread

and I will not refuse it because of

your blackened heart, your refusal to be filled.

I will sit and save a place on my right and left.

I will beckon to the quivering shadows

to my broken brother and sister

who wait for an invitation:

"This is for us! Come!"

Hungry and human, we will eat this

feast of love set before us

while you watch with starving, unmovable eyes.




Communion at a wedding. Photo by The 2654 Project

Communion at a wedding. Photo by The 2654 Project