California Dreaming

Friends, we moved!

There's been a few months of radio silence here in this little space.  

When I'm in the midst of change, I tend to go quiet. I retract a bit. I hold thoughts closely and whisper where I used to proclaim.

And so, when Aus and I committed to a move that would mean saying goodbye to nine years on the North Shore, I decided to put the blog on the chopping block. Everything about our lives was up in the air there for awhile and I wanted to corral these pixelated words and images and pin them back down to earth.

Well, now that the dust has settled, the blog is making a comeback.

I'm writing from a coffeeshop in Southern California. SoCal! Home of tricked out SUVs, everlasting summers, really bad traffic, and our new nest for the next few years, including that one year when I turn thirty. (!!!)

In July, we packed everything we owned and started a 3,000 mile journey across the continent. Our route took us through the middle of America then dipped through Utah, where we explored canyons and floated down the Colorado River. 

When we rolled into town a month later, our car was the most familiar part of the landscape. It weathered hail storms, ran on fumes in the desert, and doubled as a home office when the phone rang for a job interview. 

Once it was unpacked, I allowed myself the first deep breath in weeks. We'd finally made it. 

I think of this blog as a little like our car. It houses a few humble musings and some lessons learned along the way. It's a historical document and a personal journey, and it allows me the space to keep record of the goodness and beauty in life. Regardless of what else may change in the days to come, that's the kind of record I want to remember.

So, here we go y'all.

You ready for a West Coast ride?

Love and Sunshine, 

Lacy Blaine

Found in Utah: other people with our initials, also in love.

Found in Utah: other people with our initials, also in love.