A Sunday Sunset

On Sunday, Aus and I got a lost in the boredom of After-Lunch-But-Before-Dinner-Land. 

A friend texted us about going for a walk, and I needed a little convincing because complazency (lazy+complacency) had wrapped me up like a fuzzy blanket. But, walk we did. 

Down the whole stretch of beach, sometimes together, sometimes apart, snapping pictures and laughing at ourselves. Forgetting the couch or the need for dinner plans. 

I'm telling you about an average moment on an average day in a seemingly average life because sometimes it's easier to focus on the minutiae when you feel the rumble of tectonic plates shifting under your feet, threatening your ideas about the future.  

I haven't written much here lately, have I?

This just isn't the sort of space where I hold back from opening up about the bigger questions and possibilities keeping my attention. But in this season, I can't show my hand on a blog, or very many other places. At least not yet. 

So instead, here a few pictures of the sunset, of a walk on the beach, and the extravagant possibility of an insignificant Sunday afternoon: 


Pictures say so much without saying a thing. Kinda like music. 

Speaking of music, I want to share a song with you called "In the Meantime" by Jess Ray that I've put on repeat this week. The lyrics remind me not only of the whispering comfort of God, but the reassuring words of a mother or father who must carry their child through a patch of unknowing.

In most seasons of life, there are more questions than answers.

Maybe some day those mysteries will be revealed.

In the meantime, I have found God more than able to satisfy. 

If you'd enjoy some more tunes by Jess Ray, here's a link to her entire album, FREE on Noisetrade right now, for just one more day: https://noisetrade.com/jessray/sentimental-creatures


Lacy Blaine