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So, since you clicked "Who's Lacy?", here's a bit about me: 

I'm a Resident Director by day, and an owl by night. (Night owl. Get it?) Essentially, I do everything in my contractual power to ensure the well being of 200 emerging adults. Gulp.

Here's my DIY job description, which I much prefer to what's listed above:

I listen to college students so that they may feel known, understood, and loved.

 Now that's a good gig.

I am an aspiring writer, I guess. I'm not entirely sure what aspiring to something entails, but as of now, it means writing long letters to dear friends, journaling like a fiend, reading lots of good books and contributing articles to websites like www.startmarriageright.com and www.sharedjustice.org.

Come to think of it, "aspiring" sums up most of what I do, whether it be as a singer, wife, friend, or daughter, typographer, RD, or terrible knitter. Each of these roles is an aspiration to bear the image of God to a broken world. They don't fit together in a 9-5 capacity, and thank God for that! Life will be a beautiful mosaic of these aspirations-and the ones I've yet to imagine!

But beyond experiences or aspirations, if I could boldly ask you to carry a small piece of me along in your journey's pocket, this is the piece I'd want you to have: At the end of the day, at the beginning of the day, at every moment in between, the everlasting love of God has been the difference between my joy and my despair.

His love is for the broken, the confused, the victims, the bullies, the imperfect, the vulnerable, the failures, the flops and the faint of heart. In case you're still wondering, that means all of us.

If my life is about anything at all, may it be about this outrageous love story.

Thanks for stopping by, and for hearing a bit about me!

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With love,